By selecting us as an agent to sell your items, we promise to give you the highest level of service when selling with us and ask you to adhere to the below conditions:

1. Term

Our sales agreement will have a term of 6 months from the date of acceptance of all items approved by Sign of the Times to sell. Sign of the Times will act as an agent and at no point will take ownership of the goods. Sign of the Times reserves the right to return any and all items to the owner prior to the expiration of the sales agreement period. In a bid to sell your items, they will be stocked in one of our physical stores, online via our own website and on partner platforms.

If you choose to collect an item before 30 days there will be a £15 surcharge to cover our costs of photography and upload to the website.

2. Item Quality

All consigned items must be delivered to Sign of the Times in excellent condition and must be of the highest quality, cleaned and ‚Äúready to sell‚ÄĚ. You must disclose to Sign of the Times, prior to the acceptance of the item any flaws, damage, and/or alterations to the item, regardless of size or appearance. In cases where damage or alterations are not disclosed,¬†Sign of the Times reserves the right to terminate the sales agreement at any time and without notice. Any cleaning or repair necessary will be charged back to you as the owner.

3. Pricing

Sign of the Times and you the owner will mutually agree on a price before any item is made available for sale. If we have not heard from you within 24 hours of our suggested prices being sent we will proceed at the suggested prices. In cases where you do not specify a desired final sale price or ask Sign of the Times to send prices, Sign of the Times reserves the right to determine the final selling price of any and all items. Final sale prices will be determined based on brand, style, condition and market demand for the item. We discount in the following way: items are eligible for up to 30% after 2 months, up to 50% after 4 months. If after 6 months the item has not been requested to be returned, collected or sold we will continue to discount in order to secure a sale. The sale of a discounted item will not affect the commission percentage earned by Sign of the Times. VAT is still payable on second hand goods this will be added on top of the mutually agreed price as well as a £15 handling charge.

4. Authenticity

Sign of the Times accepts only authentic designer items. You, as the owner, guarantee the authenticity of all items consigned with Sign of the Times. Any item delivered to Sign of the Times and deemed to be counterfeit by Sign of the Times or any qualified third party will be destroyed. If you receive payment for an item that is later deemed to be counterfeit you agree to repay the full amount received plus any other loss associated with its sale and return.

5. Ownership

You, the owner of the item guarantee that you are the true and lawful owner of any and all items consigned to Sign of the Times. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Sign of the Times for any damages arising from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including legal fees and costs, to the extent caused by or arising out of or relating to any unlawful ownership. You, the owner understands that Sign of the Times sells the item as an agent and that any excess of the ultimate selling price over the amount recorded on your receipt is retained by Sign of the Times as commission; you further understand that the title does not at any stage pass to Sign of the Times and remains with you, the owner through out.  You agree that if for any reason the police suspect your goods to be stolen, we will be expected to pass on any relevant information without informing you.

6. Taking in Items

You can drop or ship your items (tracked, insured and enclosing your details) to our Chelsea store:  5 Elystan Street, London, SW3 3NT, UK. Please ensure that you have packaged your items well so they are protected and secure whilst in transit. Sign of the Times cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to items as a result of poor packaging. All shipments received from outside of the UK will be paid for by you, the owner of the items, and should include the pre-payment of all customs and excise fees (where applicable). Sign of the Times will not accept packages where customs and excise fees have not been pre-paid. By choosing to sell your items with Sign of the Times you do so at your own risk of loss, damage or theft at our store Sign of The Times, 5 Elystan Street, Chelsea, in transport or at an alternative Pop-up location. Sign of the Times is currently accepting out-of-season items; however, please be aware that there may be a delay of up to 6 months before these items are published online or placed in store due to their out-of-season nature. Consignor payouts for these items will be issued upon the sale of the item, whether the item is sold online or in store.

7. End of Term

Should any item remain unsold at the end of the agreed period where Sign of the Times acts as your agent or if the sales period is terminated by either party, Sign of the Times will return your items to you at your request and any costs incurred by the delivery of items back to you will be borne by you. As Sign of the Times relies on a prompt turnover of stock anything not collected after 6 months will be further discounted until it is sold. If after multiple rounds of discounting an item has still not been sold, collected or requested to be returned Sign of the Times reserves the right to dispose of it sending any profit after costs to charity. This will be done without further notice to enable us to take more items in.

8. Payments

In all cases where your items are sold, you will receive a payment once the returns period has closed by bank transfer at the end of each calendar month. Bank transfers will go ahead whenever your account balance is over £20.

9. June Sell Offer

*Fine print: Consign summer pieces from select brands and earn 60% commission on the split price. Items must be consigned and priced by 30/06/24. Select brands include: Zimmermann, Missoni, Pucci, La Double J, Dior, Gucci, Alemais, Casablanca, Jacquemus, Farm Rio, Loewe, Khaite, Charo Ruiz, Bode, Thierry Colson, Suzie Kondi, Doen, Agua by Agua Bendita, Lisa Marie, Fernandez, Gabriela Hearst, Christopher John Rogers, Emporio sirenuse. We reserve the right not to accept items based on age or condition. Items are subject to the normal reductions in accordance with our reductions policy.