Borgo de nor

Romantic silhouettes in vibrant colours create a canvas for hypnotically surreal, bespoke prints. While luxe fabrics drape effortlessly to move with the body, Borgo de Nor was born from a shared desire to recreate the feel-good dresses of the founders’ backgrounds, from the beaches of El Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Portugal and and the need for versatile, tailored dresses.

By the hands of Carmen Borgonovo and Joana de Noronha, the label celebrates empowered women that live life for themselves to the fullest and are their own faith’s muse and master. Shop Borgo de Nor dresses, blouses, ready-to-wear womenswear.


  • Borgo De Nor

    Multicoloured floral shirred high-neck dress - size UK 8


  • Borgo De Nor

    Blue silk floral printed midi dress - size UK 12


  • Borgo De Nor

    Blue floral printed v-neck dress - size UK 12